Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to Blogging...

Wow, has it been a while since I last blogged.  I checked my blog history and my last post was 3/10... yikes!  In all honesty, my life was pretty hectic for a while and I was in the mood for blogging. When 2011 started, my New Year's Resolution was to blog everyday... I've fallen off the wagon but I'm back on.  I have lots to share with everyone - by everyone I mean my two followers who I love so much! :)

The hubs and I went on vacation to Florida to visit the in-laws.  It was a short 4 day weekend but so much fun.  We went the Strawberry Festival, saw .38 Special, and eat some yummy strawberries.  We went out drinkin' with my sister-in-law and her friends and I had too much fun.  We got the chance to sleep in every day and enjoy the sun.  It was wonderful!  I actually didn't take very many pictures though :(

Then we had my grandma's memorial service the weekend after.  It was really beautiful, although some of the people that attended took the opportunity to "spread their word."  I think my grandma would have loved it, but not everyone agreed.  There was also a white bird that flew by the window... this is special since my grandma was all about peace and the sign for peace is a white dove.  It brought chills through my body when I saw it fly by.

So, now I'm back to reality.  My husband found a new job, thankfully!  He starts tomorrow and is really excited.  The funny part is that he's going to be working in the assisted living field (tech support for a large company) and I work for a distributor of goods for those facilities.  The hours are a little different then mine, but I'm just happy he's go a job (and he thinks he's going to love it).  Also, my sister and I have been testing some cupcake recipes for a possible business venture.  We've found a few that we like and we're making some for our nieces birthday party and my god-son's birthday party.  Nothing serious yet though.  I also would really love to take a summer photography class at a local community college, but I have to see if our finances will allow that.

My birthday is Monday and I'm starting 27 fresh.  I am going to try and start going to the gym with my hubby but since our hours are different, we'll see what happens.  The doc says I need to lose 30 lbs... I better listen.

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