Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weight Watchers and Baby Pictures...

Today has been a busy day!  Let me start by saying that last Sunday I signed up for Weight Watchers with my hubby.  My parents and sister have been on it for 10 weeks and I have seen some big changes in them.   I wanted to make the change for myself and the hubs decided to make it with me.  We had our first weigh in this morning and I lost 5 lbs!  I'm very excited and even more motivated because I'm 17 lbs away from my first milestone and once I hit that goal, I'm getting a set of Sigma make-up brushes. 

After the weigh in we went to eat breakfast at Subway and then stop at the Weight Watchers store.  We picked up some snack bars and a book and then were off to Goodwill.  On the way, I tried to call my cousin to give her the good news but I realized I couldn't hear anything.  We tested my phone and called a couple numbers and nothing... so we dropped off goods at Goodwill and then headed home.  While I got ready for my visit with my god-son my hubby went to the store to exchange my phone.  Then I was off to take pictures!

We went to a little picnic area by my house with an amazing bridge and creek and got some adorable 11 month pictures of my god-son.  There are a couple preview shots below... not I'm catching up on my DVR since the hubs had to run errands.  Tonight we're going to see Sucker Punch and tomorrow we are helping my parents with some yard work - if it doesn't rain too bad tonight.  This is a fun week and I can't wait for more like it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I should be on a beach with this polish!

It's official... I have a new favorite nail polish color.  I stopped at Walgreens the other day for some essentials and was making my way to the toothpaste when something caught my eye.  It was the Essie nail polish rack and it was full of colors!  I have a couple Essie colors but they chip easily and I type all day so I haven't purchased any others... but how could I resist?  I picked up two summer colors; lilacism and turquoise & caicos.  I put the turq on yesterday and I love it!  It looks like my nails should be in a summer beach, splashing in the water.  My nails are actually making me jealous.  I haven't tried the lilac color yet but I plan to over Easter break.  I put two coats on yesterday and a coat today because it doesn't cover that well.  I think three coats is the charm. 

Here are a couple shots from my iphone 4... I can't get enough of how AWESOME the camera is on my phone.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm in love... with my iPhone 4!

My birthday was on Monday and my amazing hubby got me the best gift... a new iPhone 4!  I didn't ask for one and I didn't even think my contract was up but I was excited he got it for me.  I loved my iPhone 3G but the 4 is awesome!  It seems to run a little faster and there are some interesting updates that have been made.  It has the ability to Skype but I haven't tried that or the Face Time.  The camera on the 4 is a lot better then the old one.  Here's a pic I took on the 4 vs the 3.

Does anyone have a 4 and have any tips or good apps they can suggest?

iPhone 3G

iPhone 4

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lil' Monkey...

When I blogged on 3/10 I said that I was having a mini-photo shoot with my god-son and that I would post some pictures.  Well, I have those pictures for you... enjoy and let me know what you think!

Little drool monster!

Being a boy... playing outside

I think he's trying to tell us something

Sam and mommy

Sam and I

That's my boy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to Blogging...

Wow, has it been a while since I last blogged.  I checked my blog history and my last post was 3/10... yikes!  In all honesty, my life was pretty hectic for a while and I was in the mood for blogging. When 2011 started, my New Year's Resolution was to blog everyday... I've fallen off the wagon but I'm back on.  I have lots to share with everyone - by everyone I mean my two followers who I love so much! :)

The hubs and I went on vacation to Florida to visit the in-laws.  It was a short 4 day weekend but so much fun.  We went the Strawberry Festival, saw .38 Special, and eat some yummy strawberries.  We went out drinkin' with my sister-in-law and her friends and I had too much fun.  We got the chance to sleep in every day and enjoy the sun.  It was wonderful!  I actually didn't take very many pictures though :(

Then we had my grandma's memorial service the weekend after.  It was really beautiful, although some of the people that attended took the opportunity to "spread their word."  I think my grandma would have loved it, but not everyone agreed.  There was also a white bird that flew by the window... this is special since my grandma was all about peace and the sign for peace is a white dove.  It brought chills through my body when I saw it fly by.

So, now I'm back to reality.  My husband found a new job, thankfully!  He starts tomorrow and is really excited.  The funny part is that he's going to be working in the assisted living field (tech support for a large company) and I work for a distributor of goods for those facilities.  The hours are a little different then mine, but I'm just happy he's go a job (and he thinks he's going to love it).  Also, my sister and I have been testing some cupcake recipes for a possible business venture.  We've found a few that we like and we're making some for our nieces birthday party and my god-son's birthday party.  Nothing serious yet though.  I also would really love to take a summer photography class at a local community college, but I have to see if our finances will allow that.

My birthday is Monday and I'm starting 27 fresh.  I am going to try and start going to the gym with my hubby but since our hours are different, we'll see what happens.  The doc says I need to lose 30 lbs... I better listen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Life Catches Up...

I have been so busy lately that I've been slacking on my blog.  I plan to catch up tomorrow.  I have a mini-shoot with my god son and then I'm spending the day with my family.  Hopefully I'll have some cute pictures of the little monkey... I could really use a pick me up!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ahhh.... The Weekend

Good Morning everyone.... and welcome to my 2 amazing followers!  I am so happy that it's finally Saturday.  I slept in, I plan to catch up on my DVR, run some errands, and then dinner with my hubby.  We decided that even though he's laid off we still need to treat ourselves every once and a while.  We're not doing anything fancy, just dinner at Perkins, but we don't want to be in the house all the time.  I'm so happy it's the weekend!  I also decided that blogging everyday might be difficult for me right now but I'm going to try.

Only 6 days until sun and fun!