Saturday, April 2, 2011

I should be on a beach with this polish!

It's official... I have a new favorite nail polish color.  I stopped at Walgreens the other day for some essentials and was making my way to the toothpaste when something caught my eye.  It was the Essie nail polish rack and it was full of colors!  I have a couple Essie colors but they chip easily and I type all day so I haven't purchased any others... but how could I resist?  I picked up two summer colors; lilacism and turquoise & caicos.  I put the turq on yesterday and I love it!  It looks like my nails should be in a summer beach, splashing in the water.  My nails are actually making me jealous.  I haven't tried the lilac color yet but I plan to over Easter break.  I put two coats on yesterday and a coat today because it doesn't cover that well.  I think three coats is the charm. 

Here are a couple shots from my iphone 4... I can't get enough of how AWESOME the camera is on my phone.

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