Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello My Name Is Megan... I live in Wisconsin and I'm afraid of snow!

Ok, I'm not so much afraid of snow as I am driving in the snow.  It's crazy right?!  I mean, I live in Wisconsin and I've been driving in it for the last 10 years... I even learned how to drive in the snowy weather!  My fear started last year when I got into an accident in my husbands Corolla.  I usually drive a Jeep but I had his car that day.  My mom, sister, and I had left my house on the way to theirs after shopping.  I started to stop at a yellow light and instead I slid right through the red light and jumped the curb.  No one was hurt and no cars hit me, thankfully.  Ever since then, I will not drive his car in the winter and I have asked him not to drive it either.  

Yesterday we got around 4 inches of snow and he worked from home while I drove the Jeep.  Overnight we got another 6 inches or so which meant that I wasn't letting him drive in the snow.    I was going to drive him into work on the south side of Milwaukee, but the commute was 47 minutes (usually 10).  To get from the south side to the north side, where I work, probably would have taken me around 2 hours.  I decided to work from home and let him take the Jeep.  Thankfully, I have an amazingly understanding boss and she was ok with it.  We actually haven't had that much snow this winter so this was only my third time all season working from home.  We're stuck with the Corolla for now, but we are planning to start a Truck Fund as soon as we pay down our debt a little.  

On a happy note, I got the cutest phone call today.  My cousin, Holly, called me and said William, her son, had something to tell me.  So, he gets on the phone and I hear a little voice say "Auntie Megan."  It was the cutest thing.  He's almost 3 and has been calling me Megan but he started putting the Auntie in front of it this week.  Then he said "I wuv you Auntie Megan."  So freakin cute!

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