Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Officially a Snow Day!

There's a lot of snow... and not just a couple inches either.  I think the totals on the news today were between 12-18 inches and my neighborhood is on the higher side of that number.  There were 63 accidents overnight and cars abandoned all over the place.  They even shut down the main highway today because of the snow.  Craziness... but we live in WI so what can we expect.  The forecasters are saying it's the worst storm in 20 years though.  Anyway,  I worked from home again today and so did the hubby.  We just got back in from outside and it's chilly!  We had to shovel off my car and there wasn't much snow on it because I wiped it off last night but there was a 4 ft snow drift in between my car and my neighbors car.  I stayed to help my landlord with the drive way while the hubs went back to work.  It's a sunny day out so the snow is melting slowly but with the cold weather coming in, ice is going to be our next issue.  Pray for safe driving for me and anyone else on the roads.  :)

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