Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I've Been MIA...

I feel a little defeated.  It was my New Year's resolution to blog everyday and I was doing really well, even when I was sick, but the last couple weeks have been hard.  We had a big awards banquet at work and on top of that have been really busy so I wasn't blogging because of that.  To pile on to that, my grandmother passed away a week ago and I haven't had the urge to blog about my feelings.  I don't think I've come to grips with it 100% - especially since last night I was watching Family Guy with my husband and started crying when the old man Nazi fell and broke his bones (my g-ma passed away from complications of a broken hip and Alzheimer's).  My husband didn't know what to do since I was laughing moments earlier and then just broke into a fierce cry.  Can't you picture that?  It's actually kind of funny to think about now. 

I have been trying to keep myself busy and this weekend was helpful.  I had a photo shoot with my cousin and her kids on Saturday and then date night with the hubs.  We saw I Am Number Four and went out for sushi.  The movie was pretty good, and there was a big set up for a second movie.  I like those action, comic book type movies though so I might be partial to say it was good.  Then, yesterday I cleaned my bedroom, organized the closest and my dresser drawers, cleaned the kitchen and dishes, and cleaned the bathroom sink.  It also started to snow!  I thought we were done with the snow but I guess not since there were about 4-6 inches on the ground and we're supposed to get another 5" over night.  The hubs stayed home from work and I took the Jeep out... the roads weren't too bad, but I can only imagine what it would have been like driving his Toyota Corolla in the ice/snow mix that were on the roads.

So, I'm back to blogging and will be trying to keep up my Photo Fridays too.  Below are some pictures from the shoot on Saturday... Enjoy!

Kaylin getting ready for her photo shoot

1920's hat left over from my work "Roaring 20's" banquet

Yep... she loves diamonds already and she can't even talk!

Packer Clan!

William didn't really understand the frame concept but this is a great picture!

He loves blueberries

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