Monday, January 3, 2011

Channeling a Pirate

**NOTE:  I wrote this blog during the game yesterday and I'm posting it today.  Horray the Bucs won!  My hubby was very happy.... but that didn't last long because the PACKERS WON and we're going to the play offs instead of the Bucs! **

My husband grew up in Florida and has always been a die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan - even when they weren't so good.  For the last 8 years, since he's lived in Wisconsin, I have been trying to bring him to the dark side... that's the dark green and gold side.  He just won't budge, so yesterday we spent the afternoon in front of the TV watching the only Bucs game on national TV that he will be able to watch all season.  I will usually last about 30 minutes before I start to get bored and I have to find something else to do.  So, I decided I would support my hubby's team and paint my nails to match his Bucs colors - as close as I could get anyway.

As a kid I was a habitual nail biter.  Then in high school, I started getting acrylics on my nails.  I would go every two weeks like clockwork.  Once my hubby and I moved into our own place, I wanted to save money so I stopped getting my nails done and started biting again.  But on 10/27/2007 that all changed... I got engaged!  I knew there was going to be a lot of pictures involved in all the wedding activities that were coming and I didn't want stubby nails in all my pictures so I stopped biting.  It was the hardest habit to break but I did it.  My nails are still a little fragile and brittle, but they're getting better.  They break easily but I haven't really tried many products on them.  Do you use anything to help your nails grow long and become strong?

My nails polish of choice for the Bucs is from the Alice in Wonderland mini kit from OPI...  Off With Her Red.  My hubby went into a deep conversation about the color red and settled on this.

OPI - Off With Her Red
Comparison of my nails to my hubby's Bucs hat

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