Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make-up for a night on the town...

Tonight my sister has a work event downtown and asked me to do her make-up and hair.  I love make-up so I of course said "Yes!"  I have been watching a lot of Youtube beauty videos and have built up my make-up collection a lot in the last year based on some of their suggestions.  I was an avid bareMinerals user for over 5 years but my skin has been pretty dry lately so I started using a liquid foundation for more moisture.  Per the suggestion of Beauty Broadcast I tried Maybelline Super Stay and I love it!  There have been some other products I've purchased as well - some good, some not so good.  You may notice that most of my make-up is bareMinerals because I have it and I want to finish using that before I try something else.

This is my first make-up tutorial so I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there's anything else you want to see!


Here are the products I used on her face:

  • Maybelline Super Stay Makeup 24 Hour - for full coverage
  • Maybelline Super Stay Concealer 24 Hours - for full coverage
  • bareMinerals Original Foundation - for matte finish
  • bareMinerals Eye Brightener Well Rested - to open the eyes and look more awake
  • bareMinerals Warnth - contour/bronzer
  • bareMinerals Clear Radiance - highlighter on the cheek bones and temples, down the nose, and in the cupid's bow
  • MAC Blushcreme Pearl in Sweet William - when using a cream blush always use a powder blush so it doesn't run
  • bareMinerals Blush in Giddy Pink
  • E.L.F Blush in Candid Coral - she wanted a little more color but not such a bright pink so this was the perfect shade and worked well with Warmth
Here are the products I used on her eyes:
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance - eye lid primer
  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - all over the lid will cover veins that show on the lid
  • NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese - used under the brow and in the corner of the eye for a highlight; you will have to blend it in
  • bareMinerals Eye Shadow in Cultured Pearl - over the cream pencil for highlight
  • MAC E/S in Knight - on the outer 1/3 of the lid and blend inward
  • bareMinerals E/S in Rose Petal - on the outside of the lid/crease and blended up
  • bareMinerals E/S in Tiramisu - in the crease and blended
  • MAC E/S in All That Glitters - used on the middle 1/3 of the lid for a sheen
  • MAC E/S in Sable - used in the crease for a sheen
  • bareMinerals in Nude Beach - for a little glitter effect
  • bareMinerals Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume in Black
    • We also used some false lashes but that's optional
Here's the finished product... she looked beautiful!

My beautiful sister and her date

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