Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Friday...

Oh Happy Day!  It's finally Friday!  I feel like this week has been dragging and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.  No big plans for tomorrow but I can't wait for a mini-belated Christmas with my god-son on Sunday!  Have a great weekend!

1/8 - Resting at home after a long day at work

1/9 - Tired!

1/10 - Reading on my Nook (a blog on that to come later)

1/11 - 1/1/11 @ 1:11

1/12 - On my way home after a long day... there's snow on the ground!

1/13 - Getting ready to leave for work... say cheese!

1/14 - Had to give blood today after my doctor's appointment and they couldn't find a vein in my are so they moved to my hand... Ouch!

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