Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh La La... Grace Potter. No relation to that other Potter, Harry.

So far I'm keeping up with my New Year's Resolution.  I know it's technically day one, but it's a holiday and a Saturday so I'm pretty proud of myself. 

This quick little post is about my new music crush right now.  Have you heard of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals?  I first heard them when they were on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  They did their song "Paris" and it was a foot tapper - I liked it.  But, as life goes, I forgot about it by the next week.  I was on Youtube recently browsing for music to listen to at work and stumbled across the song again.  I immediately put it on my Christmas list and so my hubby put the CD on my iPhone.  I can't stop listening to it!  Here is the song Paris (Oh La La) for your listening pleasure.  I'm new to their music but this song has turned me on to the band.  I learned, thanks to Wikipedia, that they also recorded a song for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.  It was an interesting piece, as was the movie.

As promised, a picture with my post!  :)  It's me at work on NYE listening to my favorite song.  Thumbs up to this song!

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