Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo Friday...

My best friend saw my blog and loved the idea of Project365.  She was giving me ideas about how I could post my daily pics and I thought her idea of once a week was a great one!  Since it's the end of the week I decided to make it Photo Fridays.  These posts will be short, probably only pictures and captions.


1/1 - Making Reuben Dip

1/2 - Supporting my hubby's favorite NFL team

1/3 - working on my blog

1/4 - taking pics of some face product swatches (they didn't make the blog)

1/5 - resting in bed, watching some TV
1/6 - shopping with my sister (that's her peeking in the background)

1/7 - I didn't make this picture, but my puppy is cute enough for the both of us!  She spent the day with me at work and I love how all her toys are woodland creatures.

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