Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Say Cheese for my cameras!

I've always loved taking pictures and I always have a camera in my purse.  I stole my motto from the movie "Can't Hardly Wait"... pictures are memories frozen in time people!  I am always snapping pictures and after my wedding last year I decided I wanted a bigger and better camera. 

When I bought a new camera last year, I probably could have gone with something a little simpler, but I decided to get a big daddy camera.  I have been using a Nikon D90 for the last year (and I'm hoping for a wide angle lens for my birthday in March).  Most of my blog pictures will probably come from the Nikon or my Canon SD1100 IS.  I know it's weird to have 2 different brands; people usually stick with one brand and have brand loyalty, but the people at Art's Camera Plus were Nikon users and so that's what they suggested.  I've heard that Canon's are more user friendly but I haven't had any issues with my Nikon to think it's not user friendly.  I do like my Canon when we travel though.  My hubby and I went to Universal Studios Orlando in September and we brought the Canon because you can carry it in your pocket rather then carrying a big camera case.

The only other pictures that would be on here are from my iPhone.  You'll probably see those types of pictures mostly in my Photo Fridays... more info coming on that soon.  The camera isn't the best on the iPhone so I would really only use it when I'm out and about and want to snap a quick pic.

This first grouping of pictures is from my Nikon.  I was blessed with not 1 but 2 god-children last year.  They are such little bundles of joy.  I can't buy them all the things I want but I have been able to give them the gift of pictures.  Each month since they were born I try to get in a little photo shoot.  It's a great excuse to get to see them at least once a month and we're creating and capturing some great memories!

My God-Daughter during her Christmas photo shoot
My God-Son during his Christmas shoot

My husband and I during our 1 year anniversary shoot (taken by my sister)
Here are a couple pictures from my Canon during our vacation to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando.

Lastly, a couple pictures from my iPhone.  One is from my Halloween costume at work and the other is from our balcony after our first snowfall.  Enjoy and I'll talk to you all soon!

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