Monday, January 10, 2011

New Fav - Yes.... I Can-Can

I love fall and winter here in Wisconsin.  It's really amazing to see all the wonderful fall colors and then the snow... It's beautiful.  I hate the snow when there's too much but if it comes on a weekend and I can watch it fall from my bedroom window and then maybe go out and throw a snowball or two, I'm a happy lady!

The reason I bring this up is because I love the Fall/Winter nail polish collections that come out and I wanted to show case the one I'm wearing today.  I'm even happier because I'm listening to some Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Paris (Oh La La).  The deep plum colored OPI polish that I'm sporting right now is called "Yes... I Can-Can."  It came out a last year or the year before and I love it.  

Here are some pics... not the best but I wanted to get a blog post in today and didn't think to take these in the natural light.  

My Tools of Choice:  I always take off any old polish, then clip to the desired length and clean under the nails and around the cuticles, and finally I file the edges smooth

Two Coats of "Yes... I Can-Can" and a top coat - this was without a flash

Excuse my cuticles - they need lotion.  This was taken with the flash

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